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A Non-Profit Corporation

Our Mission

Whether you are a firefighter, EMT, first responder, manufacturer or organization leader, our state officials are more sensitive to your concerns because of the New Jersey Fire & Emergency Medical Services Institute. These government officials often turn to the NJF & EMSI for its expertise that incorporates a blend of emergency and governmental services. Because of its non-partisan nature, the NJF & EMSI is a proven source for accurate and objective information on fire and EMS issues. That is why the NJF & EMSI has achieved great success in consensus building — not only in Trenton, but among fire and EMS organizations as well.

  • The Institute will serve to educate members of the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly and the Administration concerning fire and emergencies services issues.
  • The Institute will serve the educational needs of the New Jersey Fire Services Caucus specific to fire and allied emergency services in a non-partisan, unbiased fashion.
  • The Institute will track legislation, administrative proposals, and monitor hearings and develop a program to keep the members of the public and the fire service in New Jersey informed.
  • The Institute will, by these informational services, assist in moving closer to eliminating the loss of life and property and the injuries caused by other emergencies.

The Approach

Our Success

Many significant pieces of legislation benefiting the entire spectrum of emergency services have been passed with support from the Institute. Additionally, many regulations and other policies, designed to promote better enforcement and safety as well as firefighter and EMT benefits have been promulgated with input and support from the Institute.

  • LOSAP program
  • Dormitory sprinkler requirements
  • Entrance age for firefighters
  • Tuition credit
  • Water supply requirements
  • Incident management system
  • Firefighter and officer training programs
  • “What If No One Answered The Call’ video and program
  • New Jersey support for the Federal “Fire Act”

With the continued support of our member organizations the NJF & EMSI will remain at the forefront of legislative initiatives, contributing expertise and resources so that our New Jersey officials have the right information to make the right decisions.

The History

Our Beginnings

In early 1991, a group of leaders from the fire service in New Jersey believed there was a need for an organization in New Jersey to support the work of the recently formed Congressional Fire Services Caucus and the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI). The primary missions of the CFSI are to support and inform the Caucus as well as to serve as a focal point for information and activities on behalf of the fire service in our Nation’s Capital. Recognizing the strong association between CFSI and members of Congress, administration officials often involve CFSI in legislative and policy initiatives.

Based on successes in other states, it was felt that similar benefits could be gained in New Jersey by developing a closer relationship with the Legislature, by encouraging their development of a caucus and the creation of a statewide institute representing all New Jersey fire and emergency services organizations. With this as a goal, an initial meeting was held on February 23, 1991. At that meeting, a motion was passed to support the formation of a caucus and to establish a committee to meet with the New Jersey Fire Safety Commission in regard to the concept of an institute. At a second meeting in November a motion unanimously passed to form the New Jersey Fire Services Institute (NJF & EMSI). In 2003, the Institute’s Board of Directors changed the name of the organization to the New Jersey Fire & Emergency Medical Services Institute to more accurately reflect the true scope of it’s activities.

Giving Back

Who Benefits?

For over three hundred years, residents of New Jersey have answered their neighbors in their time of desperate need.

Who is the beneficiary of Fire and EMS Services in New Jersey? The principle beneficiary is the general public; the residents and visitors to the State of New Jersey. Few give any thought to the thousands of professionals in the state that are willing and selflessly provide life saving services to strangers in their moments of anxious need.

The second beneficiary is New Jersey’s business community. From the “mom and pop” corner store to the world’s largest multi-national corporations; each receives the quickest and best care available anywhere. EMS provides emergency medical care and transportation for their employees and the fire departments protect their facilities and infrastructure. Without either, they cannot profit.

The third beneficiary of New Jersey’s Fire and EMS providers is the corporations that provide the State’s emergency services with the tools and equipment they need to perform their mission. These companies manufacture, sell and service emergency services apparatus and equipment. They deliver thousands of products – from bandages to breathing apparatus; from buildings to insurance. Of course, New Jersey Fire and EMS providers and their families are customers of hundreds of unrelated businesses in New Jersey — supermarkets, auto dealers and medical providers. They purchase homes and jewelry, clothing and house wares; they do their own home repairs and they hire contractors.

The Institute is asking our collective customers to help support the needs of their protectors, the men and women who will respond in their moment of greatest need so that we my better service you.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

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